Impatiens capensis -- (Jewelweed)

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 Scientific Name:  Impatiens capensis
 Common Name:  Jewelweed
 Other Common Names:  Spotted Touch-Me-Not
 Duration of Life:  Annual
 Bloom Color:  Yellow
 Plant Origin:  Native
 Soil Type prefered:  Sand, Loam, Clay
 Drought Tolerance:  Low
 Flower Conspicuous:  No
 Soil Fertility Requirement:  Medium
 Moisture Use:  Medium
 Shade Tolerance:  Tolerant
 Active Growth Period:  Summer
 Anaerobic Tolerance:  Low
 Calcium Carbonate Tolerance:  Low
 Bloom Period:  Indeterminate
 Commercial Availability:  Routinely Available
 Cold Stratification Required:  No
 Fall Conspicuous:  No
 Frost Free Days, Minimum:  95
 Foliage Color:  Green
 Fruit/Seed Abundance:  Medium
 Fruit/Seed Period Begin:  Summer
 Fruit/Seed Conspicuous:  No
 Fruit/Seed Period End:  Fall
 Fruit/Seed Color:  Brown
 Fruit/Seed Persistence:  No
 Fire Tolerance:  Medium
 Foliage Texture:  Medium
 Growth Form:  Single Crown
 Growth Habit:  Forb/herb
 Growth Rate:  Rapid
 Height, Mature (feet):  4.9
 Leaf Retention:  No
 Low Growing Grass:  No
 Life Span:  Short
 pH (Maximum):  7.4
 pH (Minimum):  6.4
 Precipitation (Minimum):  14
 Resprout Ability:  No
 Root Depth, Min. (inches):  14
 Salt Tolerance:  None
 Shape and Orientation:  Erect
 Small Grain:  No
 Seed per Pound:  700000
 Seed Spread Rate:  Slow
 Seedling Vigor:  High
 Temperature, Minimum (F):  32
 Toxicity:  None
 Vegetative Spread Rate:  None
 Propagation:  Seed
 Where Found in S.E. MN:

 Category:  Dicot
 Division:  Magnoliophyta
 Class:  Magnoliopsida
 Order:  Geraniales
 Family:  Balsaminaceae
 Genus:  Impatiens

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